A shiny day

Av: Spindelbilder (Vibeke)

okt 17 Å

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Kategori: Mellow Yellow Monday

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It’s raining outside. I remember the summer with a glimpse from Jæren, west coast of Norway. A shiny day. Yellow flowers, green fields and stone fences.

Mellow Yellow Monday #143 – my first entry


6 kommentarer på “A shiny day”

  1. This is an interesting photo. The yellow flowers in front and the vastness behind looks good. Keep on clicking.

  2. This is so pretty!!! Love the stone wall…so so peaceful looking.

    Mexican Bird of Paradise

  3. And the flowers at the edge is beautiful!

    Farmers Market Galore

  4. Beautiful angle of this field! Happy MYM!

  5. Oh, what is just over the hill? Love the mystery of this shot.

  6. Many thanks for your nice comments.
    I also love the mystery, Shanna, but I know there is a farm on the other side 🙂

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